Dolphin Love

Dolphin Love 

These are resources and information about Dolphins.
A small representation and manifestation of Dolphin Love on earth.
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Dolphin Art
Free Dolphin Wallpaper
Mandala Weaver - Julia Weaver - 415-455-5989 - P.O. Box 786 - Forest Knolls, CA 94933
Star Dolphin by Eva Sakmar-Sullivan

Dolphin Babies
National Geographic - How baby dolphins learn
Dolphin Books
Dolphin's Dance by Marlis BüŸhler - Switzerland (German language)
Dolphin Love... From Sea to Land by Linda Shay (A true story of Dolphin Consciousness, Dolphin Energy Healing, and Joy. This is Linda's story of her 7-year journey with the dolphins which led to her spiritual awakening in 2003.)
How to Connect with our Living Earth by Deborah A. Frenette
Sound Tracks by Marcia Simpson, 2001, Berkley, NY (Whale Book, Mystery novel set in present day Alaska. Something is disturbing the whales who are becoming dangerously disoriented. Expert Henery Sizemore is found dead and Liza Romero founds out why.)
Whale Wisdom / Dolphin Joy / Dolphin Ones / Meditation Tapes by Sananjaleen (540) 364-1282 - Rectortown, VA 20140 bad website

Dolphin Energy / Activations
Laurie Reyon - CA and Sedona, AZ (California Boat trips, Whale and Dolphin Communications, Merkaba Activations)
Dolphin Heart World (855) 353-6588 - Linda Shay (sharing dolphin energy healing and dolphin attunements to bring the gifts of the dolphins from sea to land.)
Dolphins Kids
The Psychic Children, Dolphins, DNA & The Planetary Grid
Dolphin Links
Marine Animals: Dolphins and Whales - Norma Ranieri
Dolphin Magazine
Ocean and Dolphin Magazine - Diane Buccheri and Kap Parra - Mesa, AZ
Dolphin Messages
Richard "Shining Thunder" Francis 513-737-LOVE (5683) - Cincinnati, OH (Richard publishes "Dolphin Messages" in small book form for donation. He relates messages from these star beings and others.)*
Dolphin Musicians
Dolphins... A Message of Love or A Mind Like an Ocean by Frederic Delarue - USA (The Music of the Dolphins)
Dolphin Rehab
Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Clearwater, FL (Rescue, Rehab and Release !)
Dolphin Research
Speak Dolphin - Miami, FL (dolphin sounds and more)
Dolphin Research Facility - FL Keys (no research being conducted, only tourist dolphin swims)

Dolphin Support and Activism
Dolphin Freedom Foundation (them park activism) - Russ Rector / Rick Trout - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (founded 1992, Miami Sea Aquarium, former trainer)
"The "trainer" makes a few hand signals and the cetaceans are off performing flips, twists, and belly-flops for the hypnotized crowd. Again the animals rush back to the platform for their reward. (This form of manipulation is called 'conditioned response,' or 'food depravation.' And it's illegal according to the Animal Welfare Act.) In other words the dolphins are controlled by food and are kept hungry ... "
"A dolphin that isn't hungry is a dolphin that won't perform..."
Save BioGems - NRDC - Alaskan Beluga Whales Advocate
Dolphin Stories
Do you like Dolphin Stories ? Listen to comedian Steven Tobolowsky tell his Birthday Dolphin "Miracle" story. It's all before the first commercial break.
Dolphin Wild Swims
Dolphin Essence (808) 328-7353 - John Float - P.O. Box 1789 - Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750*
Dolphin Spirit of Hawaii 1-800-874-8555 or (808) 874-8555 - Doug Hackett and Trish Regan - Captain Cook, Hawaii*
Living Well Farm or Finca Buena Vida (416) 538-2727 - Swanny - Panama (69 acre Caribbean island getaway. 25 Seaforth Avenue - Toronto, ON) email
Swim with Dolphins, Wild and Free 44 1309 671736 - Ruth Corner - Nuweiba, Egypt and UK*
Joan Ocean - Hawaii, HI (dolphin swims, "Open to the Sea" video, work with Chris James, tone master from Australia)
Water Planet (850) 230 6030 - Denis Richard - 203 Greenwood Drive - Panama City Beach, FL 32407
Wild Quest - Atmo
Wild Swims with Takara (505) 455-0370 - Debbie Hicks - P.O. Box 31275 - Santa Fe, NM 87594 (free 80 page ebook Dancing with Dolphins)*

Do you know How to Swim with Dolphins ?
Did you know that mostdolphin facilities exist because humans choose to swim with them in captivity or see a show. In other words, most dolphins are in captivity because of humans. Have you ever swam with dolphins or are considering a swim ? Read on...

The United States no longer allows wild capture of dolphins, therefore, breeding programs in captivity have developed and are allowed. This perpetuates dolphin captivity and in-breeding. Also, dolphins born in captivity no longer have natural instincts to hunt and fish so they are completely dependent on the facility. These dolphins could never be released without harm to themselves in the wild. (Captive dolphins typically do not know what a fish is and are fed frozen, dead fish from trainers to control their behavior.) Other countries and world vacation destinations still wild capture dolphins/whales for their hotels, shows, swim programs and as an exotic food.

I believe exceptions can be made to dolphins in captivity (injured, retired military service, old theme park dolphins, etc.) These dolphins deserve retirement in peace and may or may not be capable of returning to the wild. I believe most dolphins can be retrained to fish and return to their homeland, the ocean, even if they've been human bred since birth. I believe some dolphins could even be gently released this way with patience and training.

What can you do... choose wisely when considering a visit or contribution to a captive dolphin / whale facility / amusement park / etc. Spending your dollars at one of these theme parks contributes to captivity even if you do not swim but just watch. Hold onto your ego and spend a day appreciating them with your mind and heart, sending them Universal love on a beach or pier or in you own home. You may be surprised how you feel afterwards, giving of yourself for a day, and you may be surprised that you are visited and appreciated by them in many unexpected ways or through meditation.